2019 'Weight w rope in flux', CassataDrone, Palermo, 2019 Poem ' Cometa di Argilla' by Rita Bonfiglio

2018 Art Guide, Artist Interview, October by Varia KaripofF

2018 Art Monthly,Curating from Will to Form, August, 2018

2018 ‘From Will to Form’,Exhibition Catalogue by curator Emily Cormack, TarraWarra, Melbourne, 2018

2017 Paolo Meneghetti ‘Naomi Eller and the "matriarchal" order of ceramics’, MAC- LIssone, Italy, 2017/2018

2017 Justin Domenic Clemens, 'Syracuse', Single0 hole weight, Sutton Projects Gallery, Melbourne

2016 Joanna Bosse ‘ The language of stone’ Exhibition catalogue, 2016

2015 Lesley Harding ' If not bones, then stones' Exhibition catalogue, 2015

2014 Quentin Sprague, 'Undiscovered Artists’, Art Collector, April-June 2014 No.28 pg 90-91

2013 Justin Domenic Clemens, ‘In Statis Esctatic’, To Bear Witness, Death Be Kind, Melbourne

2013 Quentin Sprague, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, Stamm, November/December, 2013, www.stamm.com.au/eyes-wide-shut/




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